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Learn More About Built Up Roofing

A built-up roofing system is a great option for homes or buildings with low-slope or flat roofs. It has a 100-year history of use in the United States, and has become increasingly popular as greater awareness is made of its benefits and protective properties. At Bryan Exteriors, our experienced, licensed roofing contractors offer inspections, repair, and installation of built up roofing in Des Moines, IA. Residential built up roofs offer exceptional protection from the elements, and can extend the lifespan of your roof and make it more energy-efficient. Call us today to schedule a free estimate for installing a built up roofing system.

Applying tar on roof wall.

What Is Built-Up Roofing?

Built up bituminous roofing consists of a base sheet that is installed over insulation or a roof deck with mechanical fasteners. The base sheet offers the bottom-most layer of waterproofing and acts as a stable surface to which to adhere additional sheets of roofing. Typically, a layer of asphalt is applied on top of the base sheet, and then a layer of reinforcing felt or ply sheet is installed on top of that. This combination creates a barrier with superior water resistance. This process is repeated over and over again until the roof reaches the necessary thickness or number of plies. It is finally capped off with a mineral-surfaced cap sheet or covering, and then covered with gravel or slag.

Benefits of Residential Built Up Roofs

BUR roofing is so popular because it offers a number of benefits over other types of roofing systems:

  • Has over 100 years of history and is a time-tested and proven roofing system.
  • Offers multiple layers of protection and waterproofing.
  • Comes with warranties and guarantees of up to 20 years, depending on the manufacturer, roofing contractor, and materials used.
  • Allows the use of reflective cap sheets, which reflect the sun’s rays and lower internal temperatures.

Do Built-Up Roofing Systems Leak?

Like any other roofing system, BUR roofing is susceptible to leaks and holes. The flashing around the perimeter of the BUR roofing can degrade or deteriorate, increasing the risk of moisture intrusion. Foot traffic can push the layer of gravel into the roof layers, causing holes and microscopic penetration. UV rays and extreme temperatures can degrade the tar and asphalt. If the roof is neglected, it is at a greater risk of damage and degradation. Poorly installed or maintained drains, gutters, and soffits can also increase the risk of moisture build up, condensation, and pools of standing water. Even with these risks, BUR roofing is the best roofing system to guard against roof leaks and holes.

Residential Built Up Roof Repair Options

We offer full-service BUR roofing repair options to restore your roof to its original condition:

  • Spray foam application – A spray foam application minimizes tear-off and maintains a seamless membrane. It also offers superior UV protection. Spray foam includes closed-cell insulation to further improve the energy-efficiency of your roofing. The roof will be more sustainable and renewable post-application.
  • Roof coating – If you have smooth BUR roofing, we can apply a silicone roof coating. The coating protects the roof from further damage, can withstand extreme weather and temperatures, reduces the risk of holes and leaks, and extends the lifespan of the roofing system.

Our Other Services

We have a team of experienced, licensed roofing and home renovation contractors who specialize in comprehensive home improvement services. We specialize in exterior and interior home services designed to improve the value, comfort, aesthetics, and functionality of your home. We work closely with each customer to determine which solutions are best for their needs and goals. Call us today to schedule a free estimate for any of our services:

Schedule a Consultation for Bur Roofing in Des Moines, IA

Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation or estimate for BUR roofing in Des Moines, IA. We make sure to give our customers as much information as possible about their roofing choices, so they can make an informed decision. We value honesty and strive to operate with integrity and transparency throughout our services. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship and materials and exceptional customer service so we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

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