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Roof Leaks Prevention in Des Moines, IA

Even a minor roof leak will get bigger, more expensive, and more dangerous over time. It’s in your best interests to schedule timely roof leak repair services to protect your home from further damage and maintain the structural integrity of your roof. Preventing roof leaks from occurring in the first place can also save you time and money and help you avoid stress. At Bryan Exteriors, we specialize in routine and emergency roof leak repairs in the Des Moines, IA, area. Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent roof leaks and how to repair a roof leak, and then call us to schedule a roof inspection or roof repair services.

Health & Safety Dangers of a Roof Leak

A roof leak can cause far more serious issues than just cosmetic damage. If you don’t repair a roof leak, it will get bigger and worse until it threatens the health and safety of your home. The biggest health and safety dangers of a roof leak are:

  • Mold and mildew growth.
  • Electrical problems and increased risk of electrocution, electric shock, and electrical fires.
  • Increased humidity, moisture, and condensation in your home.
  • Damage to your insulation.
  • Slip and fall hazards.
  • Compromised structural integrity of your home.
  • Increased risk of a roof or ceiling collapse.
  • Increased risk of pests and animals entering your home.

Recognizing Early Warning Signs of a Roof Leak

In some cases, a roof leak might be minor enough that you might not notice it for months or more without regular inspection. A minor roof leak can cause water damage in your attic that goes unnoticed for long periods of time. If you recognize the early warning signs of a roof leak, you can often schedule roof repairs before it gets bigger and more expensive:

  • Water stains on walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Increased humidity and condensation around windows in the attic or upper floor.
  • Soft spots on your roof.
  • Poor ventilation on your roof or in your attic.
  • Curling or buckling shingles.
  • Peeling, bubbling, or cracking paint or plaster.
  • Damaged siding.
  • Broken or overflowing rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Damaged flashing, soffits, or fascia.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Granules in your gutters.
  • Signs of mold or mildew.
  • A musty odor.
  • An increase in pests or insects in or around the outside of your home.
  • Black streaks on your roof or siding.

Roof Maintenance to Prevent Roof Leaks

Staying on top of roof inspections and maintenance can reduce your risk of roof leaks. The more vigilant you are about maintenance and the more aware you are about the condition of your roof, the less likely you will suffer from roof damage or leaks. Here are our tips for preventing roof leaks with roof maintenance:

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts regularly.
  • Replace shingles as soon as you notice they are damaged.
  • Schedule roofing inspections each spring and fall.
  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated.
  • Address roofing damage immediately.
  • Keep overhanging trees away from your roof line.
  • Regularly remove debris and organic matter from your roof.
  • Keep pests and animals off of your roof and out of your attic.
  • Install waterproof barriers on your roof.
  • Soft wash your roof every year.
  • Regularly inspect skylights for signs of damage or leaks.

Should You Attempt Roof Leak Repair on Your Own?

You should never try to repair a roof leak on your own. Roof leak repair is complex and requires specialized knowledge and training, as well as the use of complicated tools and equipment. If you try to learn how to repair a roof leak from an online tutorial or video, you could injure yourself, damage your property, violate your home warranty or homeowner’s insurance policy, diminish the value of your home, and affect your home’s structural integrity. Finding an experienced, licensed roofing contractor to provide roof leak repair services is very important.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Emergency Roof Leak Repair

Choosing the right roofing contractor for roof inspections and repairs can protect the value, safety, and beauty of your home. It is very important only to trust licensed, experienced roofing contractors. When looking for a roofing contractor, you can start by asking friends and family for recommendations. You can also ask for a referral from other trusted home improvement experts like your remodeling contractor, landscaping company, or flooring installer. Next, you want to visit the roofing companies’ websites. Evaluate their experience and how long they have been in business. See if they hold any specialized certifications. You should also check their license and make sure it is valid with no complaints against it. Then, schedule consultations with each contractor. A consultation allows you to assess their communication style, customer service, and skill level and ask any questions you have. You should also get multiple estimates.

Why Choose Bryan Exteriors

At Bryan Exteriors, we have decades of experience in residential and commercial roofing repair services. We specialize in roofing inspections, maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement. We are committed to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service and want to exceed your expectations. When we’re done, your roof and home will be safer, more energy-efficient, and more structurally sound. In addition to roofing services, we also offer siding, rain gutter, exterior painting, exterior and interior remodeling, and window and door services.

Request an Estimate for Roof Leak Repair

Don’t wait until a roof leak becomes so severe that your home suffers major property damage. Our experienced roofing contractors at Bryan Exteriors can help. Call us today or contact us online to request an estimate for roof leak repair in the Des Moines, IA, area. We will send one of our experts to your home to complete a roof inspection, assess the damage, and give you an estimate.