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Window Siding Replacement

Do You Need to Replace the Siding On Your Home?

Home siding replacement is a significant investment. Determining the right time or whether a simple repair will suffice can be challenging. That’s why Bryan Exteriors is here to serve as your guide in siding replacement. Count on us to help you make informed decisions for your Des Moines, IA home.

The Purpose of Siding

Although siding adds an additional aesthetic value to a home, its true role is far more important. Siding is a protective shield that safeguards your inner walls and offers added insulation. When siding becomes outdated or damaged, it can no longer offer the performance your home needs to remain safe and comfortable.

The Longevity of Home Siding

Before diving into the intricacies of siding replacement, it’s important to understand the longevity of your home’s siding. Different materials offer varying lifespans. On average, you can expect the following from your siding:

  • Aluminum siding: 25-40 years
  • Vinyl siding: 60+ years
  • Brick, stone, and wood: 100 years
  • Stucco siding: 50+ years

Identifying Siding Concerns

You will likely notice signs when the siding becomes impacted by weather damage or age-related wear. The common symptoms that indicate it’s time to call in the siding professionals include:

  • Visible damage, including cracked, chipped, or broken siding
  • Unusual popping sounds from unsecured siding panels
  • Loose siding
  • Dents, dings, or holes
  • Chipped or faded paint

How to Navigate Damaged Siding

Damaged siding calls for professional intervention. Failing to address repairs can result in premature siding replacement and more concerning issues for your home. Furthermore, the DIY approach to siding can do more harm than good, as these components require a certain level of skill and expertise to bring durability, protection, and insulation to your home.

Visible Siding Damage

Visible damage is more than an aesthetic issue. Cracks, dents, holes, and virtually all other forms of deterioration can facilitate water intrusion and pests. Depending on the extent of the damage, repair may not be possible. In these cases, siding replacement is crucial.

Mold and Rot

Mold and rot indicate that it’s time to schedule a home siding replacement. Mold and rot derive from moisture damage, meaning you have a leak or opening somewhere that has compromised the structural integrity of your siding. To correct this, the siding must be replaced to restore functionality and protect against health and safety hazards.

Peeling or Faded Paint

Peeling or faded paint can be an eyesore. However, this can also mean structural concerns for your home. When your siding’s paint fades or peels, your home loses some protective qualities. This makes your home more susceptible to moisture intrusion and other types of damage.

Raised Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are climbing each month, you may be facing a siding problem. Old or compromised siding causes reduced insulation, allowing for drafts that spark higher energy consumption. Siding replacement is often the most effective solution to combat more expensive utility costs.

Warped or Bubbling Siding

When your home’s siding appears to have a bubble sticking out, you’re dealing with water damage. When water seeps into your siding through cracks and crevices, it compromises the structural integrity beneath the siding panels. The trapped moisture will expand and push on the panels, creating warped or bubbling siding.

Satisfy Your Siding Replacement Needs With Ease

Bryan Exteriors is here to satisfy your residential siding replacement needs in Des Moines, IA. With a wealth of experience and time-honored skill, we offer several high-quality siding solutions, including:

  • Hardie Plank siding replacement
  • LP SmartSiding replacement
  • Vinyl siding replacement

Enhance Your Home’s Structural Integrity Today

Reap the benefits of durable, high-quality siding replacement with Bryan Exteriors. From age-related wear to storm damage and beyond, we’re here to alleviate areas of concern and restore the performance and value of your siding. Contact us today to schedule your siding consultation.